2022 Fall Quilting Retreat

With Mim Cornish

"There's Always Room For One More!"

Friday, Sept. 23 - Sunday, Sept. 25

Arrival:  10:00 a.m. on Friday

Departure: 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. 


Full Retreat: $125

Full Retreat Commuting: $100

Friday-Saturday: $100

Friday-Saturday Commuting: $80


Early Bird Discount:
Register before Sept. 13 and save $10


Hello Ladies!

Just in case you haven’t heard or didn’t remember, this retreat will be the last one that I’ll be
having at Penn York Camp. As I announced at the last retreat and on Facebook, we will be
having a “git ‘er done” weekend. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to pull out projects
that you’ve been wanting to finish, or to begin that new project you just haven’t found the time
to start. I have so many, I’m not sure what to bring!


What was your favorite quilt that you did at one of my retreats? Please bring it with you and
we’ll have some show and tell time for you to show your finished (or not quite finished) project.
I’m so eager to see what you bring!


This will be a give and take table. If you want to participate, just bring an item (or items) that
have to do with quilting. For every item you bring, you get to take an item someone else
brought! Quilting books are acceptable, but not magazines…there will be a separate table for
magazines only.

Also bring:

  • Your sewing machine, rotary equipment, and all your other wonderful quilting gadgets

  • A flannel backed tablecloth to be used as a design wall

  • An ironing station for yourself or to share with friends (I encourage you to share

  • because too many irons plugged in at once causes circuit breaker problems)

  • Extension cord and/or power strip.

Reminder: you need to bring your own bedding and towels. These are not furnished by the

NEW TIME!! Registration has been at 4:00 but, since we will all be working on our own projects,
you may come as early as 10:00! Lunch will not be provided, so you are on your own for that.