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Summer Staff Applications

Apply for a position in ministry on our Summer Staff Team

All Employees and Volunteers at PYC
must be in agreement with our Mission and Statement of Faith.

If you applied before, please use your existing account.

If you forgot your username and password, please call the office or email Jed.

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We are accepting applications for the following dates:

If contracted, full room and board will be included.

Summer Staff: June 30 - August 10

Summer staff positions are all positions not related to the kitchen.

Kitchen Staff: June 9 - August 23

Positions Include: Cook, Kitchen Worker, Kitchen Volunteer

Staff responsibilities begin on Sunday afternoon and continue through Friday evening. Staff are off from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon every weekend, as well as one hour of free time each day.

Available Positions (Paid and Volunteer):

A job description can be accessed by selecting a desired position.

Please note, that the job descriptions here are designed to give you an overview of the common expectations for each position. It is not an exhaustive list.

Should I Apply?

    That is an interesting question. We often have summer staff who come here for the first time expecting six weeks of summer camp. If that is your reason for applying, I would reconsider. Working on staff is nothing like coming as a camper. You will be expected to give up six weeks of your summer, serving the campers, other staff, and Jesus. You will be pushed to the limit spiritually, physically, and mentally. You will have to work at jobs that you don't like, be patient with children who have pushed buttons that you didn't know you had, get up early, and go to bed late. 


     So, at this point, you are probably thinking..."You are really not selling me on this. Why would I ever want to be on Summer Staff at Penn-York Camp?" The answer is simple. Because you are called to it. If Jesus has called you to work here, then every hardship is worth it. You come out completely changed, closer to a God who loves you more than you ever realized. If your heart's only passion is pursuing Jesus, then working at Penn-York Camp will be an incredibly rewarding experience. 


     So I would encourage you. Before you apply. Pray and seek God's will. Ask Him to work in your heart and to change you into the person He has called you to. Ask Him to give you a heart of service towards Him and furthering His Kingdom. Then, if you are still willing to commit, click on the apply button. We are looking forward to working with you.

-  Sincerely,   PYC Staff

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