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Penn-York Camp Challenge Course

Contact us to discuss scheduling and pricing options.

    Penn-York Camp features an exceptional, seasonal outdoor High & Low Elements Challenge Course with indoor options available for inclement weather. The Challenge Course is a great way to increase personal confidence, build group unity, and push personal limits in a safe environment.


Open for groups to schedule:

April - October


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High Elements:

Low Elements:




The purpose of our high elements is to push comfort zones, develop personal confidence, and have a ton of fun.

The purpose of our low elements is to build group unity by presenting challenges in such a way that the group will need to work together to accomplish their assigned task.

Become a Challenge Course Facilitator

Are you interested in taking the training to become a Challenge Course Facilitator? Expectations include attending facilitator trainings and being on call to help facilitate the course when groups schedule an event.

Contact our office for more information.

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