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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Is there a waiver that will need to be signed?


Yes. There is an Adventure Waiver that will be sent to you when you schedule your group. This waiver will need to be signed by everyone who plans to participate, and minors will also need a signature of a legal guardian. 


2. How long should we plan for?


You can schedule either a half day or a full day on our challenge course. A half day is usually between 3-4 hrs long, and arrival time can be scheduled for either the morning or the afternoon. If you schedule a half day, you will have the option to do either the High Elements or the Low Elements, but not both. To get the full experience, you will want to schedule a full day. A full day is usually around 8 hrs with a lunch break, and groups will want to arrive in the morning. Normally, a group that does a full day will do the Low Elements and team building in the morning, and then after lunch, end with the High Elements experience.


3. How does reserving the Challenge Course work?


You will need to call ahead to reserve your Challenge Course event. Penn-York Camp books groups on a first come, first served basis, so the further in advance you can schedule your event, the better. Call us to discuss available dates.


4. Are there age restrictions?


Penn-York Camp recommends ages 10 and up.


5. Are there any weight limits?


Yes. The zipline has a 250 lb weight limit. There is no weight limit on the rest of the course.


6. What is the smallest group size that you will take? 


We recommend a group size of 10-25 people for a half day on the High Elements.

We recommend a group size of 10-30 people for a half day on the Low Elements.


7. How much time do we need to set aside for a Challenge Course event?


Penn-York Camp can work with your schedule. We recommend that you set aside at least three hours for either the High or Low Elements. If your group has special time constraints, call and talk to us. We would be glad to work something out.


8. Do we have to schedule both High and Low Elements?


No. We have many groups who only do one or the other.


9. Is the Challenge Course safe?


Yes. The course undergoes an annual inspection by certified challenge course builders, and the challenge director inspects the equipment after and before use to ensure its reliability. In addition, all of our facilitators have undergone training certifying them to operate our Challenge Course.


10. Does the camp prepare meals for Challenge Course groups?


Yes. For groups 10 or larger, just ask for a meal when you schedule a day on our challenge course. Note: there is an extra cost when a meal is served for a group.

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