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Low Elements

     The purpose of our low elements is to build group unity by presenting challenges in such a way that the group will need to work together to accomplish their assigned task.


     The low elements are a series of low to the ground elements designed to handle groups from 10 to 30 people. They are created with group participation in mind, requiring teamwork, communication, and critical thinking to accomplish. On the low elements, success is dependent on the cooperation of the team as a whole; individuals do not succeed by leaving the rest of the group behind. The goal is achieved by the success of the entire group.

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Disclaimer: The descriptions below are based off make believe story-lines that may be told to set up the challenge and don't reflect actual danger.


  1. Crocodile Pit: While using limited equipment, cross the pit without falling in and being eaten by the crocodile.

  2. Zap: Start inside the electric fence and work your way out without touching it or going under it.

  3. Swamp Crossing: Using planks, maneuver from post to post across the swamp on planks without falling off or loosing any gear.

  4. Noah’s Ark: (Also known as the “Whale Watch”): Load the platform two by two without letting it touch down on either end. “Keep your head, or you’ll sink the ship!”

  5. T. P. Shuffle: It’s a telephone pole on the ground. Line up on it and rearrange the order without getting off.

  6. All Aboard: This small platform can hold a lot of people. Can everyone get off the ground?

  7. The Wall: It's just a ten foot wall in the middle of the woods. Can you get your team over?

  8. Trust Fall: How well do you trust your friends? Stand on a platform, fall backwards, and find out.

  9. Peanut Butter Pit: (Alias “Nitro Crossing”, “Amazon River”, etc.): Stand on a platform, get the rope, and swing to the other side; but don’t touch the pit, or you’ll be fried!

  10. Wild Woozy: It’s a metal cable triangle about knee high. With the help of your partner, see how far you can go without touching the ground.

  11. Tension Traverse: On the same cable triangle, get your group to go the whole way around it without touching down. 

  12. Mohawk Walk: It's five cables strung in series. It’s a tight rope challenge from start to finish.

  13. Spider’s Web: Get everyone through without wiggling the web!

  14. Giant’s Finger: Take the ring off the sleeping giant's finger without him waking up.

  15. Over Under Through: Get your group over the wall, through the crack in the wall, and under the door; but don't mess up the sequence given, or you will lose.

  16. 3D Spider's Web: We know how much you hate getting caught in spider's webs, so we made a huge one that your entire group has to get through.

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