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Campsite / RV Project


$10,442 Raised of Phase 2

Goal of $22,000

Approximately 15 years ago, one of the projects here at Camp that was started was a small “campground loop” in hopes that parents and grandparents could come, bring their camper, RV’s, or tents, and camp out with their children and grandchildren. Well, it just happens to be that Crissie and I have a huge passion for camping as a family! There's just something special about sitting around a campsite and even more so to have someone that God has gifted to play worship music on their guitar at the fire. We have since picked up this past vision, and With God's provisions and your help we would like to make it the next addition to Camp. Penn-York Camp already has many families that love to come and camp during the “Family Camp” weekend and most of them are excited to see this grow. In the last 10-15 years many new families have come to take time away from life's busy schedules and have invested time with their family outdoors. It's almost like a new trend… and where better to do that than PYC! We truly believe that God will use the Camp facilities to draw families closer together and to bring more hearts to Christ!

Last fall, we began a fundraiser and currently have raised just over $11,000. With these funds we have been able to start developing the sites! The campground loop is located in the unused area between the Pinewood Cabins and Archery Range corner, and it proceeds out near the maintenance building. At the completion of this project, we are planning for approximately 5 full hook-up sites, electric, water and sewer, approximately 9 tent sites and a sewer dump area near the exit. Each site will consist of a gravel pad, a prefab fire ring with a cooking grate and a picnic table. We are also planning to re-install water heaters in the existing pool house which will serve multiple purposes including being used as a shower-house for tent campers.

This project will be done in two phases as the funds are raised. Phase #1 is now complete and included everything except the electric.

We are now fund raising for Phase #2 which will be the installation of all electric, which is estimated around $22,000. (Currently electrical prices keep rising)

If you would like to help financially with this project, you can go to our website or call the camp office. Thank you for your continued support and may God use this to help plant seeds for His kingdom!

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